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Tanzania + Coffee

This chocolate and Blanchard’s Coffee infusion is just the right java balance to keep even the teadrinkers coming back for more. Notes of marshmallow in the nose are followed by a distinct cookies ’n’ cream body. The kids will love this one. Learn More

Tasting Notes: s’mores, rocky road ice cream, oreos

Ingredients: 67% Tanzanian cacao, organic cane sugar, Blanchard’s Coffee



We Taste Notes of:

Rocky Road Ice Cream

We Use 3 Ingredients:

Cacao Beans
Organic Sugar
Blanchard’s Coffee

About the Bean

Great chocolate comes from great beans. And great beans come from really awesome farmers. That’s why we go above and beyond Fair Trade standards by paying a tasty premium on our beans.

Estate: Kokoa Kamili

Kokoa Kamili works in Tanzania – famous for national parks, big game, and Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania has a long history with cocoa since the crop was first introduced in the 1880s.

Region: Morogoro

Approximately a ten hour drive from the country’s main city of Dar es Salaam, Kokoa Kamili is based in the village of Mbingu (Kiswahili for Heaven) bordering the beautiful Udzungwa Mountain National Park.


Terroir: Kilombero Valley

Cocoa farmers in the Kilombero Valley practice organic farming, in the complete absence of any inorganic inputs.

Owner: Collective

Kokoa Kamili works with about 2000 registered smallholder farmers that own between 0.5 to two acres of land – focusing on food crops.

72% Tanzania Dark Chocolate Bar - Christopher Elbow Chocolates 72% Dark Chocolate Bar crafted from cacao originating in Tanzania PO Trade broker account. Flavor notes are cherry, coffee, and lemon. Today, Kokoa Kamili works with nearly 3000 smallholder farmers, most of whom farm between 0.5-2 acres of cocoa.

Freedom is Sweet

Soy-Free | Gluten-Free | Dairy-Free | Nut-Free | Perservative-Free

Weight 2 oz


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