The Sassy Bar


72% Madagascar

A house favorite, this chocolate is incredibly fruity. Bright and floral notes up front are followed by fruit punch and berries as the chocolate melts in your mouth. The sharp citrus zing at the end will make you think of Emeril yelling “BAM!” every time. Learn More

Tasting Notes: raspberry, fruit punch, & lime. 

Ingredients: 72% cocoa beans, organic cane sugar



We Taste Notes of:

Fruit Punch

We Use 2 Ingredients:

Cacao Beans
Organic Sugar

About the Bean

Great chocolate comes from great beans. And great beans come from really awesome farmers. That’s why we go above and beyond Fair Trade standards by paying a tasty premium on our beans.

Estate: Akesson

Pepper plants are grown alongside the cacao trees and provide a protective canopy that shelters the unripe pods from direct sunlight.

Region: Ambanja

Ambanja is located on the northern berth of the Sambirano River in northern Madagascar. The majority of the population are farmers and the most important crop is cocoa, while other important products are coffee, rice and vanilla.


Terroir: Sambirano Valley

The valley is often flooded by the Sambirano River which creates a lush landscape and nutrient-dense soil for the cacao plants to grow in.

Owner: Bertil Akesson

Bertil is a 2nd generation cocoa farmer and produces his own chocolate. He also grows peppercorn, coffee and essential herbs for oils on his farm.

Freedom is Sweet

Soy-Free | Gluten-Free | Dairy-Free | Nut-Free | Perservative-Free

Weight 2 oz


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